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*I check my things for the trip and talk to my friend on the phone and tweets* 98? degree weather in nyc, sweltering the entire week nice nice i can deal -P /// *I suck my lip and shake my head no* 'Not as of yet I'll just be heading home might meet with friends and stuff..' -L

*snorts when I see your tweet and favourites it, shaking my head to myself then makes dinner later on* - Louis


Sounds good yeah.. *nods, getting in the lift with you and presses our floor* I don’t think we’ll make it to the concert tonight. - Luna

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*goes to bed and wakes up around 8 the next morning, takes Dakota out for her usual run* -Bianca


*wakes up the next morning, having a shower then has breakfast* -Niall


Okay, I’m going to take a picture! -Jade


Me too! *grins, getting my phone out my pocket to take a picture* - Perrie

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*takes off my heels and goes up to my room, taking my makeup off and getting ready for bed* -Bianca


*gets ready for bed and watches tv in my room for a bit before going to sleep* - Niall


*smiles and follows you, pulling out my phone and getting it ready* -Jade


*skips ahead of you to Big Ben, smiling wide* It’s huge! - Perrie

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Okay, that sounds good. *smiles and waves, closing the door as I walk to my door* -Bianca


*waves to you then drives off home once you’re inside* - Niall


Now, let’s start with big ben since we’re here! -Jade


*smiles and nods* Sure, then the London Eyes just over there! Let’s go! - Perrie

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*nods* Okay, and do you want me to buy the stuff before I come? -Bianca


*shakes my head* Nah, we’ll go buy it together if you want? - Niall


It was. *smiles, laughing* Now come on. We have to take tourist pictures! -Jade


Oh obviously! Gotta instagram them too! *laughs* - Perrie

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Round of applause for the media!!


Haylor interactions on twitter if they were still together in 2014.

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nicolelevypr: matchy matchy @namelessgem 🐬💙 #babyblue #seaworld

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Liam’s parents being really cute at the Wembley concert (06/06/2014) x

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