goodnight, going to bed because tomorrow is going to be horrendous lol x

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*Wakes up the next morning and decides to start planning stuff for my trip, having breakfast and tweets* i wanna open a bakery in new york -P


*snorts when I see your tweet the next morning while eating my cereal, shaking my head then heads off to work* - Louis

*Texts you while on the plane* moooooooorning, afternon..?

shit are you still asleep..? 

wait no you just posted a picture im safe i thought i interrupted ur sleep -L


*giggles when I see your texts, smiling to myself and bites my lip* you’re so cute!!! I miss you :( good morning babe x - Luna

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*I check my phone for a while before heading upstairs to sleep since I had nothing else to do and tosses my phone aside and crawls into bed* -P


*goes to bed before the films even ended since I was falling asleep already, dozing off easily* - Louis


*I freshen up a bit and attending a meeting before getting packed up again to go to another location for the next concert, favoriting your picture when getting comfy on the private jet* -L


*gets dressed then wakes the twins up and gets them ready after ordering food for breakfast, eating with them before going outside to go and get started on my shop* - Luna

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girls are so hot???? like i see a hot girl every 2 seconds.  and a hot guy about every 2 weeks.  and even then i’m wary because he might end up yelling something rude at me or making a rape joke or something

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Inspired by x


a little boy proposed to perrie in dublin i’m crying she looks so happy

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it’s funny to me that some people are making fun of sophia’s body. where did everyone’s girl power go? Yall will fight a bitch over Liam’s tum but tear down a girl in the same breath? yikes

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*I watch TV while eating, revising lines after wards and lays on the couch, moving a piece of string around for Petrova to play with me and smirks a bit at how she was whining, picking her up and kisses her head softly before giving her the string* -P


*eats my dinner in the kitchen while listening to the radio, then goes to watch a film in the living room with Roger sitting next to me* - Louis


*I snort a bit when he just whines as a reply and lets him crash next to me on the couch, snorting quietly halfway into the night eventually waking up for the day* -L


*wakes up the next morning, yawning tiredly as I go to have a shower then tweets a picture* waking up to sunshine in your hotel room is always lovely - Luna

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*Pouts at Kat when she tells me she can’t go because something came up, telling her that I don’t wanna go alone and heads back home to make a meal, posting a picture on instagram* this is what happens when i restock up my kitchen #bless -Piea

it looks nasty -Paul

just :) like :) you :) -Piea

'ooo burn'?? -Paul


*favourites your tweet then groans, pushing myself up from the sofa to go and make my dinner, making something easy from the freezer since I couldn’t be bothered to make something properly* - Louis

*I snort a bit and glance at Harry laying on his chest and watches TV while sucking on a lollipop Lux had given him patting his back gently and tells him he should go to sleep now* -L


*puts my phone on charge then gets into bed after checking the twins went to sleep alright, falling asleep easily since I was so tired out* - Luna

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Taylor Swift and her twin sister at the Universal Music Brits Party.

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